First Gear Set


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Explore science with our First Gear Set! Each of three gears can fit into one of four holes in the base. Children will discover that they can turn the gears to make them SPIN and when the gears interlock they will spin each other - what inspiration for little minds! Use one, two, or all three gears at once to create different configurations. If using multiple sets, the puzzle bases will interlock to provide a larger base that children can custom create into multiple designs. The base is carved from solid maple. Each gear is carved from a solid piece of cherry. No glues or fasteners. The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced and preserved by a food-grade beeswax/oil finish that we hand apply. Your First Gear Set will be packaged by hand in 100% recycled material.

For ages 3 - 6 years

Dimensions: Base 5" x 6.5", Gears 3.5" diameter

Crafted in the USA

Educational benefits of the Gear Set

Activities for the Gear Set

Price: $60.00
Dimensions: 9 in × 9 in × 12 in