About Us

About Us

Beautiful, precise, exceptional materials exclusively crafted in the USA

"The child should live in an environment of beauty."

-Maria Montessori

Beauty is a key aspect of the Montessori environment, and one we take seriously. Like a sculptor, we avoid the use of glues and fasteners, and instead carve our materials from a solid slab of the best quality 100% soid hardwood.  For those items, such as cabinets, where glue is required, we innovatively design them to reflect the lines of fine modern art.

 As craftsmen, we hand-sand and finish each item to ensure the highest quality. We allow the natural beauty of hardwood to shine through our materials, finishing them with food-grade beeswax/oil.







Whenever color will enhance the material, we apply a safe, non-toxic wood stain. Whereas paint covers up the natural grain of the wood, our stain soaks into the wood preserving the visibility and beauty of the wood grain.

We ensure preciseness with computer technology and hand-inspection of every item.

Since our materials are made from solid hardwood, they are durable and will last for years.  Our stain and beeswax/oil are absorbed by the wood so they will not chip like paint does.


Solid hardwoods, food-grade beeswax/oil, and non-toxic, water-based stains not only produce high-quality, beautiful products, they produce safe, eco-friendly products.

We craft our products exclusively in Weston, Missouri USA from American materials and American made packaging.





Jeff & Charlene Smith