Activities for the Basic Shape Set

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Sensorial Exploration:

  • Show the child the circle.  Trace the side with your finger.  Repeat with other shapes.
  • Using 2 sets of shapes, sort by shape.
  • Introduce language, naming each shape.
  • Ask for a shape by name.  If the child cannot find it, identify it for them to reinforce the language.
  • Have children feel the shapes in a covered basket, or just with their eyes shut and see if they can identify the shape by touch or if they can tactually find a shape that is requested.


  • Use with our Circle Square Triangle Pattern Cards (sold separately).  Select a Pattern Card.  Find the first shape shown and place it on top of the card.  Repeat with the other shapes.
  • Select a Pattern Card.  Select a shape and place it on top of the matching shape on the Pattern Card.