Constructive Triangles Blue Rectangle Box Storage Tray


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Self-correcting storage tray for the Constructive Triangles Blue Rectangle Box.

Triangles are sold separately.

This replaces the "box" in which Montessori Constructive Triangles are generally stored. -Allows children to easily see the triangles on the shelf, instead of being hidden away in a box. -Segregates the triangles by type. Children initially remove triangles from one inset at a time for experimentation. Then as an extension remove all pieces and sort for themselves. -Provides a self-correcting tray when all the pieces are removed - ensuring children find at least one solution. Crafted from solid maple to contrast with the darker cherry of the Constructive Triangles. The Constructive Triangle Blue Rectangle Box Storage Tray is hand-finished with a food-grade beeswax/oil finish to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. We will hand-wrap your tray in recycled Kraft paper.

For ages: 3 - 12 years.

Dimensions: 20 1/8" x 4 3/4"

Crafted in the USA

Activities for the Constructive Triangle Inset Board

Educational benefits of the Constructive Triangle Inset Board

Price: $42.00
Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in × 9 in