Constructive Equilateral Triangles


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Explore geometry and art with our solid cherry Constructive Equilateral Triangle block set. Children create a variety of patterns and shapes using the 12 equilateral triangles. Perfect for creating tessellations. Tessellations are geometric patterns commonly used to artistically tile surfaces (mosaics), to make patchwork quilts, as inlay designs for furniture, etc. Crafted from solid cherry and hand-finished with a food-grade beeswax/oil finish to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Your Constructive Equilateral Triangles will be packaged by hand in 100% recycled material.

For ages 3 - 12 years.

Dimensions: 3" sides

Crafted in the USA

Activities for the Constructive Equilateral Triangles

Educational benefits of the Constructive Equilateral Triangles

Price: $52.00
Dimensions: 9 in × 9 in × 12 in