First Cylinder Blocks - Set 1




Set 1: Diameter increases and height is constant

Set 2: Diameter increases as the height increases

Set 3: Diameter increases as the height decreases

Set 4: Diameter is constant and the height decreases

First Cylinder Blocks - Set 1

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Which cylinder goes where? To solve this puzzle, children will need to discriminate between the different diameters of holes in the base and match them with the different diameters of cylinders.

This puzzle becomes even more of a challenge when it is used in combination with one or more of our other First Cylinder Blocks as children will need to figure out not only which cylinder goes into which hole, but also which cylinder goes into which Cylinder Block. See our "Activities" section below for more details.

The base is crafted of solid cherry. The cylinders are solid maple. The natural grain of the wood is enhanced by a safe, natural food-grade beeswax/oil finish that is hand applied.

Your Cylinder Block will be packaged by hand in 100% recycled material.

For ages 18 months and up

Dimensions: Base is 6" x 2.75"; cylinders are 1", 1.25", 1.5" diameters and 3.7" tall

Crafted in the USA

Activities for the First Cylinder Blocks

Educational Benefits of First Cylinder Blocks

Price: $38.00
Dimensions: 12 in × 2 in × 12 in