Geometric Cabinet - Storage Cabinet Only


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A sleek, modern cabinet designed to hold the Curvilinear, Quadrilateral, 6 piece Circle Sorting, 6 piece Rectangle Sorting, Triangle, and Polygon (or Advanced Polygon) Puzzles. The 3 Piece Wooden Shape Puzzle (Presentation Puzzle) can sit on top of the cabinet. This beautiful cabinet is custom-made from 100% solid maple hardwood. Upon receiving your order, we will craft a cabinet specifically for you (requiring a 2 week lead time). The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced and preserved by a food-grade beeswax/oil finish that we hand apply. Employing prime craftsmanship techniques normally only found in fine furniture, we secure 100% solid wood fasteners with a waterproof, FDA-approved wood glue. Beautiful. Safe. Durable. Eco-friendly.

For ages 3 and up Dimensions: 22" x 18.25" x 7"

Crafted in the USA


Price: $130.00
Dimensions: 24 in × 20 in × 8 in