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Toys: Quantity vs. Quality

What is better - having lots of inexpensive toys or having fewer, higher quality toys? It is a question most parents ask themselves. Some people argue that inexpensive toys are best because then their child can have more of a selection and they outgrow them anyway, why invest in expensive toys?

Marcy Hogan wrote a fabulous article on why she believes providing your child with fewer, but high quality toys may be the better decision. Instead of repeating what she has already said quite well, we encourage you to read her article Toys for Children: Less is More and here we will focus on some other aspects of why quality may be better than quantity.

Really watch your child, how many toys do they really play with? Do they have favorites that they go to over and over again? Why are they the favorites? Do they only play 15 minutes with a toy and then go onto the next, or can they play hours with the same toy?

Why do you buy toys for your child? For them to have fun, to keep them busy, to inspire them, to learn, to help them reach their full potential? In that case, having toys that stimulate your child's mind so that they are attracted to them, get absorbed in them, and play with them over and over again is the answer. If you agree, then you want toys to hold up to repeated play, which means high quality toys.

Have you seen a child crushed because their favorite toy broke? It's generally a heart-breaking event for a parent, who then hopefully searches for a replacement. Sometimes a child has such a strong attachment that even the replacement "just is not the same". If you buy high-quality, that scenario is a lost less likely to happen.