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Number Counting Boards 0-10

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We've taken the traditional Montessori Numerals and Counters and added self-correcting bases to create our Number Counting Boards. Each number has its own puzzle-style base with insets for a numeral and the associated number of counters. Not only does our set include the traditional 1 through 10, we also include a board for 0!

Young children may work with one number at a time for an initial introduction to the meaning of numbers, whereas older children can move onto 1-5, 1-10, and eventually 0-10.

After children have mastered the Number Boards, they can use the numerals and counters without the self-correcting bases and then use the bases to check themselves.

Traditional Numerals and Counters have a loose control - if a child runs out of counters prematurely or has counters left over they know they've made a mistake somewhere. However, it is up to the child to find where the error is - the material will not tell them. It is also quite possible for a child to make a mistake with the traditional Numerals and Counters and not know it. For instance, if a child places an incorrect number of counters under a numeral, the traditional Numerals and Counters do not provide a means for the child to self-correct: if a child places 5 counters under the numeral 4 and then places 4 counters under the number 5, there is nothing to alert the child of their error and nothing to guide them in correcting their error.

Our Number Counting Boards solve these problems by providing a definite control for the child: the zero board has zero holes, the one board one hole, the two board two holes, etc. all the way up to 10. The child immediately knows if they've placed the correct number of counters under a numeral!

This massive work consists of 11 bases, 12 numerals (0 through 9, plus an extra 1 and 0 to form 10), and 55 counters. Fully constructed, it spans about 38.5 inches!

Made from naturally contrasting woods, the bases are carved from solid cherry and the numerals and counters are solid maple. Each is hand-finished with a food-grade beeswax/oil which protects and enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Packaged by hand in 100% recycled material. No adhesives.

Ages 3 and up.

Dimensions: Each base is 3 1/2" x 12", each counter is 1" diameter x 1 1/2"

Crafted in the USA

Price: $270.00