Activities for the Emotion Faces

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Emotion Faces Pattern Circles

Additional activities are available when the Emotion Faces Pattern Circles are used with the Emotion Faces Pattern Cards (sold separately). See the Emotion Faces Pattern Cards "Ways to Play" page for a detailed description.

  • Show your child each pattern circle, tracing the pattern with your finger.
  • Introduce language, naming each pattern.
  • Set the faces out upside down. Turn one over and while looking in a child-safe mirror make the same face yourself.
  • Mix up a double set and place upside down. Arrange in rows. Flip over two circles until a match is made. Claim the match and then repeat with the remaining circles until all are matched.
  • Close your eyes. Mix up the pattern circles and select one. Feel its pattern. Make the same expression on your face and/or label the expression. Look in a child-safe mirror to verify your facial expression matches the pattern circle.
  • Place two different pattern circles pattern-side up in front of you. Close your eyes. Mix up the pattern circles. Ask yourself where a particular pattern circle is by name. Feel each pattern circle until you find it.
  • Set the faces out face side down. Select a face and mimic it - see if the other children can guess the expression.
  • Use Emotion Faces as conversation starters about emotions - especially helpful for those children who have difficulty expressing their emotions verbally. Help generate emotion conversations by having children select a face and then describe or act out a situation where they have experienced that emotion.