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Root Suffix Cards

Initial Presentation (may be done with a small subset of the cards):
-Lay out the root title card.
-Lay out the root cards in a column under its title card. Discuss any roots that the child is not familiar with.
-Lay the prefix title card to the left of the root title card.
-Take the top prefix card and match it to the left of the first root card. See if a valid word is formed. Repeat with the remaining root cards. Discuss any words the child is not familiar with.
-Repeat with the remaining prefixes.

The child independently matches the cards to see which words can be formed. Have a dictionary available for the child to check their combinations.

-Several children work with the cards together. Deal the prefix cards. Stack the root cards right side down. Flip over the top root card. Children take turns seeing if they have a prefix card to match the exposed root card. If they can make a match they lay the prefix down next to the root and a new root card is turned over. If noone has a prefix to match a root, then expose a new root card. Play continues until no more matches can be made.

-Same game as above, but deal the root cards and stack the prefix cards.