Activities for the Nonagon Tessellation Pattern Blocks

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Nonagon Kite Tessellation Pattern Blocks

Tessellation Pattern Blocks may be used for creating tessellations or for picture making (commonly called pattern blocks). It is not recommended to mix these activities. If you intend on using the blocks for both purposes, then first one should be introduced, fully explored, and mastered before introducing the other. In this way the second activity is an extension of the first.

If you intend to create both tessellations and pictures, it is recommended that you start with tessellations to allow the child to freely explore geometry in its own right first.


  • Start with one shape that will tessellate on its own.
  • Demonstrate a tessellation (to cover an area without leaving gaps and without overlapping).
  • Let the child experiment making tessellations.
  • Introduce other shapes that tessellate on their own.
  • Introduce shapes that do not tessellate on their own.
  • Introduce combination of shapes that can tessellate together.
  • Transfer the tessellations to paper.
  • Show the child examples of geometrical designs (mosaics, floor & wall tiles, patchwork quilts, furniture inlays, etc.) to generate ideas.
  • Combine this set with other tessellation sets to form more complex patterns. (They all have at least one common side.)

Pattern Blocks:

  •  Using Pattern Cards, lay the pattern blocks over the card in a matching location to form the picture.
  •  Using Pattern Cards, form the desired pattern next to the card.
  •  Create your own picture.
  •  Document your picture by creating your own pattern card.

Other activities:

  •  Sort the blocks by color
  •  Sort by shape.
  •  Sort by shape and by color.